Thursday 15 June 2017

Aiming To Please: Essential Customer Service Skills

A business will not flourish without a great customer-support system. We all want that customer to like and be satisfied with our product or service, come back, and relay their experience to others. Customers are any business’ main source of income, networking, and even hype-generation.A negative experience may be enough to pull a company down, so any manager must be keenly invested on the various ways to please clients. Here are some tips our staff should apply in the workplace. 


Begin with a smile 

Easily the most effective tip, smiling prompts a return smile, and induces verbal interaction. It makes customers less guarded, more open to inquire, and eventually receptive to the idea of buying. Keep in mind that faking it will not work, and might even send the opposite message.    

Greet customers 

A staff that does not interact with clients will make the latter feel unwelcome. As soon as they enter your establishment, make sure that there’s a person who will greet them. No amount of workload is more important that developing rapport. Start with a curt “Good day” and never overdo it or be too chatty unless the customers initiate the conversation.
Listen intently 

Focus on what the customer is saying. Return visits will not happen if there’s been a confusion with what the customer wants from the get-go. Wait for things to be explained thoroughly before offering solutions, maybe even detailing the advantages of one service or product over another. 


Keep your word 

Never offer a customer something you cannot commit to, especially when it comes to dates for product availability, delivery period, and warranty coverage. Some buyers do a little research at home before visiting your establishment, so make sure that your staff know more about the business than the customer, especially when products are on sale or discounts have been posted online by the company headquarters. 

Haris Ahmed is the CEO and top management consultant of Pragmatium Consulting Group Inc. He helps businesses achieve sustained growth and continuous development. For more on his work and advocacies, visit this webpage.

Tuesday 30 August 2016

Haris Ahmed Naperville, Three Point Plans For Strategic Change

Having solid business strategy is a vital component in what helps a business strive to reach its full potential. Without it, organizations can very quickly lose their sense of direction and fail to motivate their employees to work to their full potential. Implementing strategic change however is no easy business. More and more companies are choosing to go with consultancy agencies such as Pragmatium Consulting Group Inc., to help counter their strategic problems. Led by the charismatic and experienced Haris Ahmed, Pragmatium are one of the top advisory services in the whole of Chicago. Having graduated from the University of Notre Dame with an MBA specializing in leadership and change management, few people are more equipped to help transform the strategic direction of businesses in the US today.

Haris Ahmed is Successful CEO of the Management Consultancy Group in Chicago
, and central to their philosophy for helping businesses is being able to offer advise and direction on strategic elements of business. They have a differentiated approach grounded in management and behavioral sciences to design and implement strategic change that has more sustainability and can be held in an organization for longer periods of time. Change  in business is a given, but how organizations drive change is what separates high-performing companies from the rest. For the team at Pragmatium, there is a three staged approach to helping a company change its strategy for the better. Firstly, there is strategy clarification and planning. This not only includes determining the companies strategic vision, but also aligning on strategic intent and direction between all those involved in the decision making process. Secondly, there is the important part of strategic execution. This begins by mobilizing strategic initiatives whilst supporting leaders and teams in the application and implementation of these initiatives. Furthermore, they measure and monitor the execution for these initiatives for later analysis.

Lastly, there is strategic communication. Here the team must develop a communication plan and implement the plan to cascade communication on all levels. Lastly they must measure the acceptance of change and effectiveness of communication within the company to analyses its overall effectiveness.
For Pragmatium Consulting this approach has proven to be wildly effective, and allowed Haris Ahmed and his team to build up the sterling reputation they have earned today. Watch these Videos about Haris Ahmed Chicago on Vimeo to find out more about him and his exciting company.

Sunday 21 August 2016

Haris Ahmed Naperville, Pragmatic Business Solutions

Business consultation is one of the fastest growing industries in the tertiary sector today. As the business and commerce markets get ever more competitive, companies are realizing the value that external analyses and advise can give them in getting the edge over competition and streamlining business operations. Consultation firms vary wildly in their approach to business. Like the companies they advise, these consultation agencies implement their business philosophies that means they leave their ideas with the clients long after they finish co-operation. However, at the same time as having rigid principles, these consultation agencies also need to be flexible. Being able to adapt to and work  with businesses in different industries with different ideas is key to building a good reputation and longevity.
Haris Ahmed is the Founder and CEO of Pragmatium Consulting Group Inc, who have excelled in the field of business consultancy over the past few years. As suggested by the name of the company, Haris Ahmed and his team take pragmatic business solutions to their clients to help them grow and prosper. They specialize in a range of areas, a the way from forming suitable and achievable business strategies to training leadership units within the organizations
At Pragmatium, their guiding principle is simple; to leave their clients in a better condition than the one in which they found them. Through their ideas and implementable solutions, Haris Ahmed and his team solve their clients' most vexing organizational and leadership challenges while adding value throughout the journey. This is integral to Pragmatium philosophy. Being able to add value to a company internally by rejuvenating workforce or streamlining operations is key to ensuring the businesses long term success. Typically, they utilize a blend of their consulting services toward their proprietary approaches and methodologies to diagnose and solve clients' challenges and help them overcome them. They work at the intersection of strategy, organizational alignment, and effectiveness of leaders to drive organizational and individual performance. Each of these aspects is key in helping a company reach its strategic goals, and Pragmatium Consulting take practical and pragmatic solutions to achieving these.
With a team of experienced consultants with a wide range knowledge on a diverse range of fields, Haris Ahmed and the team have demonstrated their effectiveness in the healthcare, finance and technology markets. If you'd like to find out more about Pragmatium Consulting and more of his ideas, follow Haris Ahmed on Pinterest.

Thursday 28 May 2015

Haris Ahmed- Served His Expert Services To Clients

Haris Ahmed is the founder and CEO of Pragmatium Consulting Group Inc. He is active member of the community in civic affairs and volunteers his time and services regularly. He also served on a commission for the Governor of Illinois.  He specializes in organizational performance and leadership practices in organizations.




Friday 1 May 2015

Haris Ahmed- An Exceptionally Talented Management Consultant and Change Expert

Haris Ahmed brings his years of rich experience and in-depth knowledge  to advise companies through significant transformations.  He has more than 20 years of experience as an organizational change expert and executive coach.  He is the founder and CEO of  Pragmatium Consulting Group, Inc- a management  firm that specializes in working with leaders of organization on leadership and change.  Haris is also a knowledgeable facilitator and has led several headship workshops and team-building sessions. He has personally coached more than  100 leaders in various sectors: public and private corporations, not-for-profits, and the federal sector.

Change is the law of nature. And everything and everyone need to change with time,  so as to oblige the fundamental law of nature. Believing so, Haris Ahmed is working to incorporate leadership  qualities in individuals so that the best decisions in the favor of the company can be taken.  Haris enjoys a long standing advisory relationship with a number CEOs and business leaders across different industries. He is a Strategic Partner of Sensei International, a global leadership consultancy, and PRITCHETT, LP, a premier merger integration firm.

Haris Ahmed has served numerous clients and organizations with his expert services. Some of his clients include- Booz Allen Hamilton, City of Chicago, Independence Blue Cross, Internal Revenue Service, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, Inland Real Estate Group, Johnson & Johnson, Allstate Corporation, Beam Global Spirits and Wine, Inc., KeyCorp, MGM International, Motorola, United Airlines, Unilever, Volunteers of America,  NewEdge, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Paragon Development Systems, Pitney Bowes, Roosevelt University, Save the Children, Schneider Electric, and WMS Gaming, etc.